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Time And Double Pointed Needles In Space
Rose Tyler Boomtown Scarf 
20th-Oct-2008 04:46 pm
Doctor Doctor
I was unfortunately unable to participate in the Who Scarf knitalong because I already had it planned out to be Rose for Halloween and that required knitting all the Rose Tyler patterns floating around this lovely community.

Due to this I did indeed knit a Doctor Who scarf, just not THE Doctor scarf.

I present you, my version of the Rose Tyler Scarf from "Boomtown"



IMG_5745 IMG_5746

IMG_5743 IMG_5744



2 skeins of 10 ply or Bulky weight yarn

I used Muench Black Forest Naturwolle in "Avalon"


Size US 11/ 8.0 mm needles

Crochet hook for tassles


CO 17 sts
Row 1: k1, p1, k13, p1, k1
Row 2: purl
Row 3: k1, p1, k2tog, double yo, k2, k2tog, double yo, k2, k2tog, double yo, p1, k1
Row 4: purl but drop the second stitch of each yarn over to make a big hole
Row 5: k1, p1, k2, ssk, double yo, k2, ssk, double yo, k3, p1, k2
Row 6: purl but drop the second stitch of each yarn over to make a big hole

Rep rows 3-6 until desired length


Final row: k1, p1, k13, p1, k1
BO, cut yarn and close off, weave in ends

Make 10 tassles of 2 strands each and using crochet hook add 5 tassles on each end.
21st-Oct-2008 01:36 am (UTC)
Oh, what fun! That looks nice, and I love the yarn you used.
21st-Oct-2008 01:54 am (UTC)
Oh that yarn is to die for!
21st-Oct-2008 03:19 am (UTC)
Very nice! I think it looks fantastic, lovely yarn choice!
21st-Oct-2008 12:13 pm (UTC)
very cool! I have been wanting to do this scarf also. Thanks for posting!
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